How it Works

In less time than it takes to enjoy a hot coffee, you can record a unique voicemail or construct an SMS marketing campaign, using our text message marketing platform, and distribute it to your entire contact list immediately.

Powerful and Potent

Our Lead generation tool attains some of the most impressive conversion rates in the industry with a response rate typically in the region of 5-20 percent. This is the norm for both ring less voicemail and online texting campaigns.


As well as being extremely successful, our service is also very affordable. For just a few cents, you can send a message to any contact you choose, and since you only pay for the messages that are delivered successfully by us, you won’t be throwing your marketing budget down the drain.

Almost Effortless

Our RMV and online texting services, using our ringless voicemail drop software, which allows you to send messages direcrt to voicemail, and SMS marketing software, are about as time efficient as you can get when it comes to creating and distributing marketing materials. Your messages can be created and delivered to as many contacts as you desire within a matter of minutes, and should you choose to use both RMV and text messages, you will have an extremely potent lead generation tool at your disposal.

Voicemail Demands a Response

The beauty of a voicemail blast is that it demands a response, unlike direct phonecalls which can be easily ignored by contacts who do not recognize the number calling them. Ringless voicemail software can, therefore, connect you with as many as 96% of your contacts. What else would get you those kind of numbers?

Voted Best Global SMS and Ringless Voicemail Platform

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Compatible with Landline and Mobiles

Reach everyone, our technology is compatible with landline and mobile devices. With every campaign you create, you can decide to deliver to landline, mobile devices or both depending on your needs.

SMS Marketing

Broaden your horizons and reach bigger audiences worldwide with our simple and effective online SMS marketing platform. We offer a free text trial that lets you log in and start playing around with our software before paying a single cent. With your free login credentials, you can see just how easy it is to create text message campaigns that really pack a punch.

Global SMS and Ringless Voicemail Delivery

Unlimited Ringless delivers SMS and Ringless Voicemail to 80+ countries

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Why Unlimited Ringless?

Unlimited Ringless is a market leader for Ringless Voicemail Drops and SMS Marketing. Ours is a unique platform that enables companies and charities in every sector, no matter how big or small, to deliver powerful marketing messages straight to their audience’s phones, where they will undoubtedly be seen an heard. It is possible to do all of those without ever making a single marketing call! Not only do we offer RVM, but we also offer our customers access to an effective SMS marketing service, which operates worldwide. This enables them to send out special offers such as coupon codes, announcements, and alerts, which can increase engagement even further.

Integrating the Unlimited Ringless Text message and ringless voicemail marketing platform into your company will enable you to get ahead of the competition, certainly when it comes to marketing. With our affordable rates, easy to use interface, and cluster of features that you won’t find anywhere out there, we have outdone our competition at every turn, and if you use our services, you can expect to do just that too. Getting started is as simple as creating an account and trying out our free text service before you make a decision. Give it a go and you’ll soon see just how transformative our software can be!

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

Ringless voicemail could just be the most effective tool we currently have for marketing to and communicating with an audience and the companies who have implemented it are seeing vast improvements in the level of engagement with their audience, and the number of successful sales conversions. How does it all work? Our unique True Ringless voicemail technology makes it possible to directly engage with the audience on a personal level without ever having to disturb them.Unlike intrusive sales calls that interrupt contacts and often put them in the wrong mood for engaging, when you use our software, all that happens is that a voicemail will arrive on their phone for them to retrieve at their convenience. They can then respond when it is convenient to them, either via text message or phone call.



International Ringless Voicemail Drops

Unlimited Ringless is a global messaging platform, which means that you can deliver messages globally. This has enabled a number of our clients to expand their own businesses to new and exciting locations outside of the United States & Canada. Our direct- to-voicemail service is now available worldwide and can reach potentially lucrative markets in places like the UK and Australia. That means you can engage with foreign markets in a cost-effective way without resorting to the likes of telemarketing, which is becoming less and less effective with each passing day.

Global SMS Marketing

Many businesses across the globe have been making use of online texting for years. Unlimited Ringless have facilitated many of these companies in their ability to text any location around the world with ease. Our rates are amongst the most competitive in the market today!


Features of Unlimited Ringless

Our delivery platform is feature packed.

Traditional Voicemail Drop

With traditional voicemail drop, you can send messages straight to mobile and landline phones. Typically, these messages will show up as a missed call and voicemail at the contact’s end. This is all done without ever actually having to telephone the contact. Instead, it is done via simple telephony signaling protocols which work via the carrier’s own voicemail services to alert the contact that a voicemail message is waiting for them. It is possible for you to create your own caller ID when using traditional voicemail drop, and this enables contacts to call or send a text message back to you upon receiving your message. A number of our clients base their whole sales process around this method of marketing and communication.

True Ringless Voicemail

True Ringless Voicemail is used to send messages to mobiles without ever having to actually call the contacts. Unlimited Ringless is partnered with a number of carriers to enable this very effective form of marketing to take place.

As this form of contact does not require the use of the telephone switching network, costs can be kept far lower than traditional methods of telephone contact, and competitor services. However, the greater affordability of this service does mean that your contacts will not get a missed call notification.

True Ringless Voicemail is, therefore ideal for communications that are NOT related to making sales, where you may need your messages to be much more visible; things like notifications for non-profits, political messages and news updates, where you do not require the same level of engagement and a call back is not necessary.

Upload Professional Recordings

Using our software, you can record and upload professional MP3 recordings for use in voicemail drop and ringless message marketing campaigns. Doing so is as simple as uploading to your customer portal. If you don’t have your own MP3 or WAV file ready to use, you can even give us a call and record your very own voice blast,via our call in service, in as much time as it takes you to say what you need to say!

Comprehensive Reporting

Here at Unlimited Ringless, we ensure that you know what’s going on with your campaigns by giving you a detailed data breakdown for each and every telephone number you contact with your messaging campaign. Whether you want to know when a message was delivered, which carrier was used, or why a delivery failed, we’ve got you covered!

Schedule Messages

We make it easy for you to schedule message deliveries for a particular time or date. This service is available for ringless voicemail and SMS marketing campaigns. Launch when the time is right for you!

Drip Delivery

We make it possible for you to create a drip rate, which is easily adjustable depending on how many calls or texts your agents are dealing with at any given moment.


Unlimited Ringless was created and designed with the entrepreneur in mind. We know you may need to travel for business, which is why we make it easy to access our voicemail marketing software wherever you are in the world. Our services are cloud-based, giving you the freedom to create and monitor campaigns wherever you happen to be this week.


Integrate SMS and Ringless Voicemail into your Favorite Apps

Unlimited Ringless integrates with thousands of applications

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Worldwide Delivery

Unlimited Ringless has expanded to cover over 80 countries across the globe. You can use our straight to voicemail software widely across North America, the UK and Europe, Australia and more, so wherever you have a budding audience for your business, you can make an impact.

Mobile and Landline Delivery

With our help, you can send customized messages to mobile devices and landlines that benefit from digital voicemail services that are provided by a carrier rather than a traditional answering machine.

Record Your Own Message

If you don’t have a recorded voicemail message ready to go, you can simply give us a call and record one immediately over the line. We can even save your message should you wish to use it in a future voicemail marketing campaign.

Retry Failed Numbers

Our system makes it so easy to retry those numbers that your message failed to reach. Occasionally, phone networks will be busy or contact mailboxes will be full, preventing your message from being delivered, but that doesn’t mean it’s over: Unlimited Ringless enables you to resend your voicemail marketing campaign at a later date, at the push of a button. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

No More Pay-Per-Drop

Sick and tired of paying a fee for each drop you make? Switch to Unlimited Ringless and you’ll only have to pay one flat fee, charged each month that you’re with us. Subscribe to your preferred plan and you can send as many messages as you want to any location you want across the globe!


We know how important your privacy can be, which is why we offer local presence numbers, which will if you purchase them, ensure that your personal number is never on show. Our local presence numbers can be used anywhere in the world that our services are available.


Want to look more professional? Use one of our 800 numbers and your customers will feel a whole lot more comfortable getting in touch with you. We also offer vanity numbers, 800, 877, 888, 855, 866, 833 and 844, should you prefer.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Set up and IVR system to field all inbound calls and route contacts to the right person to deal with their request. This will save time and money and ensure that potential clients get the best possible customer service right off the bat.

Call and SMS Forwarding

Unlimited Ringless allows you to redirect incoming calls and texts to any mobile and landline device.

SMS Auto Responder

Our auto text reply feature makes it possible for you to respond to incoming texts automatically. It uses keyword analysis to ensure the best possible responses are given, ensuring that clients are pointed in the right direction, and traffic is driven to the correct landing page.

Unlimited Contact Upload

Upload an unlimited number of contact records, save them on our system and use them time and time again in your text message and rvm campaigns.

SMS Marketing Blast

Since you can create marketing campaigns, upload and save contacts quickly, once you’re up and running, all you need to do is type your marketing message and, at the touch of a button, blast it out.

Tiny Links

Long URLs take up space, and they can be pretty offputting, which is why we make it easy for you to shorten URLS quickly. Whether you’re sending downloads, video links or apps, Unlimited Ringless makes it easy.

  • MMS Messaging

    Want to send something more visual? Throw out that 160 character limit with our effective MMS service.

  • Conversational Threads

    Our conversational threads make it easy to communicate with individual contacts on a one- to-one basis. This is a boon for customer service agents, as well as marketing campaigns.

  • Track Links

    With our link tracking software, you can analyze just how often your links are clicked, giving you an insight into just how well an individual campaign is performing.

  • API

    Use our open API access for ringless voicemail drops and text message marketing to make life even easier.

Why Does Unlimited Ringless Surpass the Competition?

Our services can be used by every kind of business and non-profit. Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company, a church or a call center, we can help you meet your marketing goals and increase your conversion rate.

We believe in offering superior customer service while helping our customers reach their full potential. Each and every customer is important to us, and we are constantly striving to improve our business to ensure that our customers can expand their endeavors successfully, It’s that simple.

If you’re looking to implement voicemail marketing into your business, but you aren’t sure of the finer details, take a look at our How to Guides or send us an email at We’re always ready and waiting to offer you the benefit of our knowledge in your marketing efforts. We have helped countless companies in numerous industries achieve their goals, now it’s your turn.